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Since publishing Passion and Deceit in six episodes on smashwords.com, an offer from Black Opal Books was made to publish it as one novel. Passion and Deceit, an Anglo-Indian romance, will now be published by Black Opal Books on the 18th October 2014.

Passion and Deceit, Book One, continues on in the second and last book: Passion and Denial which will also be published by Black Opal in the New Year.

Leela Atherton says, ďI am currently working full-time on Passion and Denial, hoping to complete it by the end of this year. It will then be edited and published by Black Opal Books. Many of my readers have contacted me, impatient to read Book Two, which will bring the story of Maya and Rajiv to, what I hope will be their Happily Ever After. After many years of writing, itís wonderful to finally see my work in print. Iíd like to thank Black Opal Books for believing in me and my writing, as well as all their support and guidance to a newbie like me. Also, Iíd like to thank smashwords.com for giving me the opportunity to publish my books on their website.Ē

You can check out Leela Athertonís Bio and Photo on Black Opal Books website as well as an Interview and Bio on smashwords.com.




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